Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bryan Koepke's Debut Thriller - Vengeance - gets its 27th review

What readers are saying about VENGEANCE

I just finished this book last night…I couldn't put it down!  5 Stars

I enjoyed this book… IT had a few twists and turns that kept me guessing… The characters were well developed and it held my attention… 5 Stars

I look forward to more books from this author, especially the next in this series.  5 Stars

This was a good read.  Believable characters and a good plot.  4 Stars

This is a thriller that satisfies on a number of different levels.  A son's search for who killed his father is intertwined with a high-society art theft ring.  Reece Culver is a different kind of PI, and Crystal Thomas was silky as a seductress.  Good characters, great Western action.  The fresh approach here is why I always love to read debut novels.  5 Stars

On Sale now:  Only $3.19 as a Kindle eBook  Download your copy!

Only $3.19 on Smashwords 

Also available in 6"x9" Paperback on Amazon / Barns and Noble 

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Places to find my debut Thriller, Vengeance, on sale for Free now until midnight.



So you ask how many books have I've given away for free this week.

As of 4:30 p.m. there were 1,209 ebooks downloaded and the book is now #2 in the Kindle Best Sellers Free category for Mystery - Private Investigations, and #254 for all Kindle ebooks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free Books for Everyone

As of 12:01 a.m. today my debut Thriller Vengeance, is free on Amazon.  The regular price for the ebook was $3.89 up until today.

Here's where Vengeance was stacking up in the Amazon ratings a little earlier today.

As of 4:25 p.m. I have given away 574 free ebook copies.  The rank in the Kindle store was #513 overall, and as you can see above #6 in the category of Private Investigators.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pictures from the Drink Named Vengeance Contest Finals held in Denver Colorado

The event - The Drink Named Vengeance Contest Finals.

The time - October 7th, 2014

The Location - Denver Colorado - The BSide 17th Ave & Humboldt.

The Highly Skilled Contestants -

  Area 1
              1) James Vickers

              2) Charles Oh

              3) Andreas Pejovic

              4) Allison Widdecomb

              5) Jake Novotny

              6) William E. Golde III

   Area 2

              7) Adam Douglas

              8) Carly Raemer

              9) Nathaniel Maston

              10) Dustin Hoeft

              11) Patrick Ruberto

              12) Mike Chary

              13) Brandon Parker

              14) Joshua-Peter Smith

The 6 Judges 

              Bryan Koepke-Author of the debut Crime Thriller "Vengeance", book 1 of the Reece Culver series.

              Billie Keithley-Liquid Chef and Brand Ambassador for Breckenridge Distillery.

              Justin Lloyd-BSide and Star Bar owner.

              Kevin Galaba-Westword food and beverage writer.

              Andra Zeppelin-Eater Denver editor. 

              Jensen Cummings- Heroes Like Us founder.

The Drink Named Vengeance

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Let's hear it for Reece Culver's new signature Drink named Vengeance.

On Tuesday October 7th Breckenridge Distillery hosted the final competition to Invent the Drink Named VENGEANCE at The BSide in Denver Colorado.  The event showcased 14 Colorado based professionals who each made their own version of the new drink after studying the debut thriller in the Reece Culver series.  The best part of the event was that it raised $1200 for the Heroes Like Us Non-Profit Organization.

The people's choice award went to Mike Charry of Boulder's Centro Latin Kitchen.

At the end of the night the 6 judges picked Joshua Peter Smith's Cocktail as the winner.

Here are the ingredients and the Drink named Vengeance as created by the author, Bryan Koepke.

Vengeance Cocktail | Joshua Peter Smith, works at Justice Snow’s in Aspen Colorado.

The winning drink recipe:

2 oz Breckenridge Vodka, 1 oz Aperol, .5 oz Grand Marnier, stir over ice, serve in a coupe glass rinsed with Breckenridge Bourbon, garnish with orange zest and peel, and enjoy sweet Vengeance.

In case you're wondering what the drink looks like recreated by yours truly:

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bryan Koepke's Debut Thriller, VENGEANCE, breaks the Top 100 Amazon Paid Bestsellers list in 3 Categories.

Once a week I take a look at where my book is ranked in the Amazon Best Seller Rank.  Today I got a nice surprise.  VENGEANCE is at 6,165 out of about 2,300,000 total ebooks for sale on Amazon.com

In an effort to increase sales in the months preceding the upcoming Holidays I marked the book down to $0.99 per ebook.  That's a 93% discount off the retail price of $14.99.  I've also increased my marketing efforts over the past two weeks.

Here's where my book stands as of 10:45 am on Sunday morning.

Product Details

Want an autographed copy of the paperback get one on my personal website.  www.bryankoepke.com

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    So, a while back I mentioned that Breckenridge Distillery is doing a Mixology Competition where people could compete to "Invent the Drink Named Vengeance".  In my debut Thriller Novel, Vengeance, Reece Culver asks if there's a Drink named Vengeance.  The semi-finalists have been named and the final event will take place in Denver on October 7th at The BSIDE 17th & Humboldt.  The great thing is all of the proceeds for the event will go to help kids.  Here's the poster with all the details.  If you're in Denver I hope to see you there.

    Thursday, September 18, 2014

    There's this writer named Stephen King who wrote a book named "On Writing".

    There's this writer named Stephen King.  I'm sure many of you have heard of him.  He writes some scary stuff.  Anyway he wrote a book called "On Writing" a while back and I read it.  In the book he advises a writer to finish their first draft and then lock it away in a drawer for a month or more without reading it.  The idea is to distance oneself from the creation of the manuscript, so that once the author pulls it out to begin his rewrites and edits he or she is looking at the work from a fresh perspective.

    Recently, mostly because of a busy work schedule, I took a couple weeks off of writing and working on my second book in the Reece Culver series.  While I did do some editing over the month or so before I took a two week break I never sat down and completely read what I'd created.

    To tell you the truth I still haven't read it.  So where is this all going you ask?  Last night I had a big breakthrough idea about the plot for SABOTAGE.  It relates to a story idea I came up with a year or so ago and intended to use for the 4th or 5th book in the series.  As of right now I'm taking that book premise and using it to enhance what I've already written for book 2.

    Unfortunately I won't be able to tell you if this new "breakthrough" idea was a success for another couple of months.  That's probably how long it will take to finish this next major rewrite draft, but my gut feel and the opinion of someone very close that I shared the basic premise idea with is that I've got something cool going with this book.

    Stay tuned for more details on this.  Until my next update be good to one another.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Vengeance - A Reece Culver Thriller has 25 reviews up Amazon

    Here's a bit of what readers have been writing in their recent reviews of Vengeance:

    on September 11, 2014
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    Good pace. Interesting characters. Nice plot. I enjoyed this book and recommend it.

    Robert Walt on August 25, 2014
    Format: Paperback
    This was a thoroughly enjoyable, well-written suspense novel. A great mix of characters, from 
    its strong protagonist Reece Culver, to a group of violent and disturbing villains, to a mix of cops, 
    ex-cops and others who add color to the overall story and play important roles in laying out a complex mystery.

    I also truly enjoyed the Rocky Mountain setting, and Koepke’s description of everything from flying private planes 
    to ordering Chinese food. I’m looking forward to his next novel.

    on August 17, 2014
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    I like this book, at first I had trouble keeping all the characters straight, but it was a really great story

    on August 13, 2014
    Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
    An excellent debut novel. I haven't read a book with a setting in Tulsa since The Outsiders in the 70's! 
    Interesting characters and intersting back stories that I would have liked more detail on. 
    All in all a fast paced enjoyable read. Looking forward to Koepke's next story.

    on July 31, 2014
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    I just finished this book last night...I couldn't put it down! Looking forward to his next book in 2015!

    on July 10, 2014
    Format: Kindle Edition
    My Thoughts:

    This is an impressive and well written first book for this author. I have read many mysteries and thrillers 
    so I am now a bit jaded and require a lot of twists, turns and surprises. This book delivered all of my 
    mystery/thriller requirements! The plot is a good one, the main character will grow on you by the end 
    of the first chapter and if you are like me and love to read series, you will hope that Bryan Koepke 
    will write more books featuring Reece Culver. Vengeance is an appropriate title for this book. 
    I will be looking forward to more books from this author.

    on July 10, 2014
    Format: Paperback
    I like the book. It kept me interested in what was going to happen next. Can wait to read Bryan's next book

    on June 27, 2014
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Wow! Bryan did a great job with Reece Culver! Exciting from the get-go. He tactfully introduces 
    many main characters and keeps you moving with them all. Reece deals with beauty, deceit, dark secrets, 
    wealthy villans and much more to avenge his father's brutal death. That Crystal Thomas is really something! 
    It's a great thriller from a young author. I lost sleep until I finished this one!

    An Author shares a malady with his leading character

    As an author I spend large amounts of time in a quiet setting working on my novels while writing the Reece Culver Thriller series.  You'd think this would be relaxing and enjoyable, and make for good writing.  Most of the time it does, but over the course of the past two years I've developed a condition related to hearing loss called Tinnitus.

    In my next book of the Reece Culver Thriller series, SABOTAGE, Reece suffers from Tinnitus or as many know it ringing in the ears.  In his case the condition is a result of blow that he took to the left side of his head in book one VENGEANCE.

    During the past couple of years I've studied this condition and learned a great deal about it.  One place I've spent time reading and educating myself is on the American Tinnitus Association website.

    Tuesday, August 19, 2014

    Draft One of the Next Book in the Reece Culver Series - SABOTAGE

    It took 5 months to complete the first draft of SABOTAGE.  Now I'm reading, editing, and rewriting the book with the goal of completing this novel sometime in 2015.  It took me 22 months to complete the first book in the series, VENGEANCE, and if you havn't seen it you can find my book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, Swashwords, and many more sites.  The price remains a low $3.99 for the ebook or $14.99 in full sized paperback.  So far I've received 23 reader reviews up on Amazon.

    In Sabotage Reece and Haisly are on a fishing vacation in Scotland when they cross paths with a hired assassin.  Stay tuned for more updates on this new book in the Reece Culver Thriller series.

    Sunday, August 17, 2014

    Only Ten Days left until the End of the Contest to Invent the Drink Named Vengeance

    Now is your chance to Enter the Contest to Invent the Drink Named Vengeance.

    The Grand Prize Winner will get their name and winning recipe written into a scene in the next book of the Reece Culver Thriller Series.  Book 2, SABOTAGE, will be published in 2015.

    Author Bryan Koepke is hard at working writing and editing this next book in the series.

    Enter the contest for a chance to win tons of free prizes:  The Drink Named Vengeance Contest

    Contest ends August 30, 2014.

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    Bryan Koepke's Debut Thriller VENGEANCE gets its 16th Review.

    Tomorrow marks the 3 month anniversary since Bryan Koepke's debut thriller VENGEANCE was published by Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.  In this short time the book had gotten 16 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.6 STARs with 11 readers giving it a full 5 STARs.  

    On June 15th Carolyn Otto gave Vengeance 4 STARs and this to say:  

    The author developed an interesting plot. The characters were well created and your interest was held through out the book.

    On June 11th an Amazon Customer gave the book 4 STARs and said this: 

    I enjoyed this book.... It had a few twists and turns that kept me guessing... The characters were well developed and it held my attention….

    On May 23rd TwinMomKK gave Vengeance 5 STARs and said:

    I loved this book! As the characters were being introduced, the action was already underway and escalated to the last page. I look forward to more books from this author, especially the next in this series.

    Another 5 STAR reviewer said:

    Never a dull moment from begining to end. I highly recommend this book. Great characters and an intriguing plot. Great effort for a first novel, I look forward to many more.

    In a recent interview with the author The Writers Cabin learned that Koepke is 278 pages into the writing of the next book in the Reece Culver Thriller series, and aiming to complete and release the book sometime in 2015.  He was tight lipped about book 2 in the series, but did divulge that this novel would take the reader to at least one international location. 

    Reece Culver's sometimes partner Haisley Averton makes an appearance too.

    If you've been holding out on your purchase of this great new Thriller now's the time to get your copy of VENGEANCE.  

    It's available on Amazon or on Koepke's website.

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    The Value of Using Amazon's KDP Select Free Days

    The Value of Using Amazon's KDP Select Free Days

    All newly self-published authors seek to sell as many books as they can, and gain as much publicity as is possible during their first year.

    I published my debut novel Vengeance by founding my own Micro-Publishing company Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.  Utilizing this company I researched the best way to publish my first book and ultimately ended up utilizing both of Amazon's Book Publishing Platforms - Kindle Direct Publishing & CreateSpace.

    I am by no means an expert on how or why to publish your work.  At the time these two platforms seemed to provide the best method and quality of books.  After investing in a professionally designed book cover and a well formatted manuscript the trigger was pulled and out came two versions of my debut novel. These are a 6" X 9" Trade Sized Paperback & an eBook

    Over the course of the past several months I began looking at KDP Select free days.  On April 30th 2014 my book Vengeance was free for 1 day.  During that day I gave away 2,400 copies of the book.  I had invested a total of $29.00 to do a twitter day with a vendor, and put the word out to 10 or more websites, my Facebook page, and here on my Blog that my book was free for one day.

    Here's a shot of where my book was at 5:12 pm the day after the KDP Select Free Day. Sales for that one day were way up too, and the effect continued for the next several weeks.  I made a few rookie mistakes in May.  One was changing my price.  I should have left it alone until the end of the month. 
    The second was doing the Free Day on the last day of the month.  

    Ultimately my book got to #4 in the Free Books listed in Kindle Store>Mystery, Thriller & Suspense>Mystery>Private Investigators.  The remainder of the month it was in various spots from #49 to #89 in the top 100 paid books for this same category.

    What do free days do for sales?  My single free day boosted my May sales to a height I had not previously seen although the book had only been released for six weeks at this point.

    It is my belief that KDP Select has a risk / reward benefit synonymous with the quality of the writing, formatting, and cover of the book being sold for free.    

    Today June 4, 2014 is the eve of my second experiment with KDP Select.  My goal is to gain publicity for my book Vengeance, and to build my brand.  My secondary goal is to sell books.  This time around Vengeance will be free for a total of 2 days. (June 5th - 6th).  If you've been holding out for a copy now's your chance.

    All I ask is if you do get one for free do me the favor of reading my book and writing a review on either Goodreads or Amazon.  

    If you've self published and have a story to tell about doing KDP Select Free Days please comment.

    Monday, June 2, 2014

    Writing books is like making Chili

    In my book Vengeance the reader learns that Reece Culver was an Aerospace Engineer for a fictitious company named Caulder Space Systems before taking a leave of absence to solve the mystery of his father’s cold case murder. 

    The next book in the Reece Culver Thriller series, book 2 - Sabotage, which I’m writing now opens in the country of Scotland.   Reece and his sometimes partner Haisley Averton have gone there with the intent of catching trophy trout on Loch Awe. 

    They are successful with their fishing, but while in the country Reece finds significantly more than he was looking for.  Some of the things he finds are good, and much of what he discovers is bad.  But, if you read the first book you know it wouldn’t be a Reece Culver Thriller unless he had to deal with some unsavory characters.  It's what he seems to be attracted to, among other things.

    As I've been researching book 2 in the series I’ve been reading up on the country of Scotland.  A place I intend to visit in the near future.  I’ve learned from my mother that I myself have a small smattering of Scottish blood within my veins.

    The book opens near the town of Tarbert in the southwestern region of the country.  Reece and Haisley are guests at the home of two of the main characters in the story.  Reece and his friend go fishing on Loch Awe and on the way back run into trouble.

    The third book in the series is underway as well.  I completed about 2/3’s of the first draft last fall before picking book 2 back up and pressing on with it.  In the third book Reece goes back to work at his old job as an Aerospace Engineer and there at work he discovers that things are not what they appear to be.

    I’m being vague about the plots of both books 2 and 3 at this point because they are both early in my development process.  Writing, like many things, takes time and thought.  In some ways it’s like making a good batch of chili.  The ingredients, words in this case, are put into a large pan, or in my case written on a computer.  Time is given for them to simmer and age.  Additional ingredients are added as the batch, or book ages.  Each time the lid is taken off the cook tastes the chill.  With a book each time the author finishes a draft he, or his beta readers give the book a read. The author then decides whether it's done or needs more ingredients, or time to simmer.

    The other parts of my life including my day job give the recipe for my novels time to simmer.  This is something I battle with constantly wishing I had more time to write, but for now having a job is a necessity.  All writers dream of the day when the sale of their books will provide enough income to replace their day job, and when that day comes they will have a new full-time job as a novelist.

    Sunday, June 1, 2014

    One technique I use to write faster

    Read any good Thriller novel and you'll find that the plot consists of two or more subplots.  Many novels get to a point where the protagonist and antagonist are trading scenes back and forth as the action mounts.  One technique I use is to plot out scenes within the manuscript with a short paragraph stating the gist of what happens within that scene or chapter.

    On days like today when I've been away from my manuscript for longer than I'd like, in this case since last Monday morning, I start by reading what I had written in the proceeding chapters first.  This reacquaints me with the story and usually does a very good job of pulling me in, and getting me writing.

    When I'm in the mode to write I can easily switch back and forth between characters and sub plots without loosing track of the details.  On days when I've been away from the story, like today, I find that if I jump scenes and stay in the head of one character I can cover a lot of ground and crank out some good work.

    Today's choice was a character in Book 2 of the Reece Culver Series name Julian.  I won't say more than his name because I don't want to spoil the story.  I will say this guy plays a major roll in the book and he learns to hate Reece Culver.

    During today's writing session I was able to crank out a total of 3,235 words in just about 2.5 hours.
    When do I usually use this technique you ask?  Most often it comes in handy when I'm in the second half of the book.

    I generally don't outline the book until I'm 100 or more pages into the first draft.  Since I work a full-time job I find as I write the use of a rough outline comes in handy to jot down plot ideas, and also to help me layer in what I want to write in each scene or chapter of the manuscript.

    Monday, May 26, 2014

    Goodreads Contest to Win 1 of 10 Free Paperback copies of VENGEANCE Completed

    On May 22nd, 2014 ten lucky readers were randomly chosen by the staff at Goodreads to win one of ten free copies of my debut Thriller VENGEANCE.

    Just a little while ago I ordered each of the ten copies through AMAZON and had them mailed out to the winners.

    A total of 1,979 Contestants entered to win a free copy of my book.

    The winners are from the following countries:
    2 from Portugal
    1 from Brazil
    2 from the USA
    1 from the Philippines
    2 from Australia
    1 from Canada
    1 from Poland

    My Thanks to everyone who entered the Contest.

    If you'd like to purchase a copy of the book you can find the two different formats here:  AMAZON

    Wednesday, May 21, 2014

    Earning money as a Published Author.

    I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying that they'll be paying me for my March sales. It's official - I'm a published author earning money from the sale of my first novel. Considering this is the 3rd book I've written since June of 2010 it's understandable how excited I am to finally start getting monthly checks for something I love doing. Next goal - to sell over 1,457 books a month, every month. Goal # 2 might take a while, but I've got my fingers and toes crossed.

    If anyone is interested in checking out my novel here's the link:  Vengeance  

    Sunday, May 11, 2014

    Progress Report on Book 2 in the Reece Culver Thriller Series - SABOTAGE

    Book 2 in the series will be named SABOTAGE and is on schedule to be released some time in 2015. As of today I've written 105,920 words in the current draft of the novel and the story is shaping up very well.

    In this next book in the series Reece and his buddy Haisley Averton travel to Scotland in search of brown trout and as usual end up finding more than they were looking for.

    This book is shaping up as an international thriller with setting locations in Scotland, London, the Colorado Mountains, and the Caribbean.

    Saturday, May 3, 2014

    For a limited time you can get BryanKoepke's ★★★★★ Thriller VENGEANCE

    GET Your Ebook ON SALE now for ONLY $3.49! 

    What Readers are saying:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Strong mystery, strong suspenseMarch 22, 2014

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fast Pace Location-Based ActionMarch 29, 2014

    5.0 out of 5 stars An Impressive Debut Novel by a writer of depth.  April 6, 2014

    5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-Paced ThrillerApril 6, 2014

    5.0 out of 5 stars A must read if you like Suspense!April 11, 2014

    4.0 out of 5 stars Very good debut novelApril 18, 2014

    5.0 out of 5 stars Bryan Koepke knows how to weave together a great story line which dispenses just enough information/action in each ...April 28, 2014

    Friday, May 2, 2014

    Amazon's KDP Select - 1 Day Free Promotion - Two Days Later Looking Back

    Eventually all Indie Published Authors consider signing up for Amazon's KDP Select.  I took the plunge about a month back.  It was after reading a few chapters of the ebook "Lets Get Visible - Get noticed and sell more books" by author David Gaughran.  Last weekend I paid my $29.00 and set up a one day book tweeting campaign for Wednesday April 30th.  I set up the KDP Select Dashboard for my novel VENGEANCE to offer it for free that same day.

    What were the results?  I've heard the program works best when you send out your FREE BOOK announcement to everyone and God a month ahead of time.  I did my sending out only 3 days in advance and submitted my free link to 5 sites on the Web.  I did pay for a book tweeting service and also got some help from some of my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

    As of 5:12 pm MST on 5/1/14 this is where the ebook version of my novel Vengeance stood.

    As I write this in the evening a couple of days after the Free Day my book is sitting here on Amazon:

    What kind of books are sitting at #63 in the Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Private Investigators area of Amazon you ask?

    In this category of Best Sellers in Private Investigator Mysteries you'll also find novels by Sue Grafton, Stuart Woods, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Prescott.  Not too shabby of company for an author who just published his debut Thriller about 6 weeks ago.  

    Of course the success may also have to do with the constant / daily marketing effort I've been putting in since late February, or it could have to do with luck.  The longer I spend rubbing elbows with fellow authors ranging from an Edgar Award Winner, to some as of yet unpublished pals the more I realize that the success of a novel is 20% writing, 40% marketing, and 40% luck.

    Regardless of how many books I sell it's pretty cool to have my book sitting in an area of Best Sellers with authors whose work I read cover to cover some years back while studying the art of the Mystery Thriller Novel.