Friday, May 2, 2014

Amazon's KDP Select - 1 Day Free Promotion - Two Days Later Looking Back

Eventually all Indie Published Authors consider signing up for Amazon's KDP Select.  I took the plunge about a month back.  It was after reading a few chapters of the ebook "Lets Get Visible - Get noticed and sell more books" by author David Gaughran.  Last weekend I paid my $29.00 and set up a one day book tweeting campaign for Wednesday April 30th.  I set up the KDP Select Dashboard for my novel VENGEANCE to offer it for free that same day.

What were the results?  I've heard the program works best when you send out your FREE BOOK announcement to everyone and God a month ahead of time.  I did my sending out only 3 days in advance and submitted my free link to 5 sites on the Web.  I did pay for a book tweeting service and also got some help from some of my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

As of 5:12 pm MST on 5/1/14 this is where the ebook version of my novel Vengeance stood.

As I write this in the evening a couple of days after the Free Day my book is sitting here on Amazon:

What kind of books are sitting at #63 in the Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Private Investigators area of Amazon you ask?

In this category of Best Sellers in Private Investigator Mysteries you'll also find novels by Sue Grafton, Stuart Woods, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Prescott.  Not too shabby of company for an author who just published his debut Thriller about 6 weeks ago.  

Of course the success may also have to do with the constant / daily marketing effort I've been putting in since late February, or it could have to do with luck.  The longer I spend rubbing elbows with fellow authors ranging from an Edgar Award Winner, to some as of yet unpublished pals the more I realize that the success of a novel is 20% writing, 40% marketing, and 40% luck.

Regardless of how many books I sell it's pretty cool to have my book sitting in an area of Best Sellers with authors whose work I read cover to cover some years back while studying the art of the Mystery Thriller Novel.  

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