Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bryan Koepke's Debut Thriller VENGEANCE gets its 16th Review.

Tomorrow marks the 3 month anniversary since Bryan Koepke's debut thriller VENGEANCE was published by Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.  In this short time the book had gotten 16 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.6 STARs with 11 readers giving it a full 5 STARs.  

On June 15th Carolyn Otto gave Vengeance 4 STARs and this to say:  

The author developed an interesting plot. The characters were well created and your interest was held through out the book.

On June 11th an Amazon Customer gave the book 4 STARs and said this: 

I enjoyed this book.... It had a few twists and turns that kept me guessing... The characters were well developed and it held my attention….

On May 23rd TwinMomKK gave Vengeance 5 STARs and said:

I loved this book! As the characters were being introduced, the action was already underway and escalated to the last page. I look forward to more books from this author, especially the next in this series.

Another 5 STAR reviewer said:

Never a dull moment from begining to end. I highly recommend this book. Great characters and an intriguing plot. Great effort for a first novel, I look forward to many more.

In a recent interview with the author The Writers Cabin learned that Koepke is 278 pages into the writing of the next book in the Reece Culver Thriller series, and aiming to complete and release the book sometime in 2015.  He was tight lipped about book 2 in the series, but did divulge that this novel would take the reader to at least one international location. 

Reece Culver's sometimes partner Haisley Averton makes an appearance too.

If you've been holding out on your purchase of this great new Thriller now's the time to get your copy of VENGEANCE.  

It's available on Amazon or on Koepke's website.

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