Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bryan Koepke's Debut Thriller, VENGEANCE, breaks the Top 100 Amazon Paid Bestsellers list in 3 Categories.

Once a week I take a look at where my book is ranked in the Amazon Best Seller Rank.  Today I got a nice surprise.  VENGEANCE is at 6,165 out of about 2,300,000 total ebooks for sale on

In an effort to increase sales in the months preceding the upcoming Holidays I marked the book down to $0.99 per ebook.  That's a 93% discount off the retail price of $14.99.  I've also increased my marketing efforts over the past two weeks.

Here's where my book stands as of 10:45 am on Sunday morning.

Product Details

Want an autographed copy of the paperback get one on my personal website.

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