Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pictures from the Drink Named Vengeance Contest Finals held in Denver Colorado

The event - The Drink Named Vengeance Contest Finals.

The time - October 7th, 2014

The Location - Denver Colorado - The BSide 17th Ave & Humboldt.

The Highly Skilled Contestants -

  Area 1
              1) James Vickers

              2) Charles Oh

              3) Andreas Pejovic

              4) Allison Widdecomb

              5) Jake Novotny

              6) William E. Golde III

   Area 2

              7) Adam Douglas

              8) Carly Raemer

              9) Nathaniel Maston

              10) Dustin Hoeft

              11) Patrick Ruberto

              12) Mike Chary

              13) Brandon Parker

              14) Joshua-Peter Smith

The 6 Judges 

              Bryan Koepke-Author of the debut Crime Thriller "Vengeance", book 1 of the Reece Culver series.

              Billie Keithley-Liquid Chef and Brand Ambassador for Breckenridge Distillery.

              Justin Lloyd-BSide and Star Bar owner.

              Kevin Galaba-Westword food and beverage writer.

              Andra Zeppelin-Eater Denver editor. 

              Jensen Cummings- Heroes Like Us founder.

The Drink Named Vengeance

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