Thursday, January 31, 2013

What makes a Thriller?

The thriller novel contains nonstop action, edge of your seat suspense, a heroic protagonist, and a villain that threatens the hero, his world, and civilization.  An important element of the modern day thriller is the ticking time clock that ratchets up the suspense in the last third of the novel. 

Thrillers are what you want when you’re facing that four-hour plane ride.  They’re what you look for when you’re on the beach, or at the pool, or stuck in the back of your parents SUV watching miles of pavement fly by on your way to your cousins house.  The thriller novel is the ultimate form of escapism for the reading public.

10 popular thriller categories

Espionage / Spy Thriller                                                     

Action / Adventure Thriller
Medical Thriller

True Crime Thriller                                     

Military Thriller

Historical Thriller

Techno Thriller

Political Thriller

Legal Thriller

Detective Thriller

Private eye Thriller

Religious Thriller 


  1. I quite agree... Time is of the essence... And all good thrillers should keep you on the edge of your seat, no matter what type of thriller.

  2. Thanks Pat. I see you're a writer and by your comment I assume you specialize in thrillers. What type of thriller interests you most and why?