Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's next after the debut Novel Vengeance?

If you've followed me on Twitter or my Facebook Author page you probably know I've been working on the next book in the Reece Culver Thriller series, Sabotage, which Writers Cabin Press plans to publish in 2015.  I've gone so far to say it will come out in the later half of 2015.  Right now I'm working my way through the manuscript editing it word by word, paragraph by paragraph, and page by page.  I'm hoping to give my freelance editor a call in the next couple of weeks and set up a time to send it to him.

When I wrote Vengeance I went through several rounds of developmental editing with John Paine.  Then in the Fall of 2013 he did his final edit and last March the book was published by Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.

I've also been working on a prequel to Vengeance that will give the reader some insight into the life of Reece's father, Al Culver.  I'll let you know when this is done and when it becomes available on Amazon.

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