Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book Review of Hazardous Material - Written by Kurt Kamm

Literary Awards for Hazardous Material - Winner of the 2012 Hackney Literary Award for an unpublished novel - First Place, Novel of the 2013 Year, Public Safety Writers Association - The 2012 Dana Award – Finalist.

My Review

Bucky Dawson has a nose for trouble, literally.  After seeing a woman he thinks might have been his sister at a trailer suspected of being a meth lab just before it exploded Bucky Dawson sets off on a journey that threatens to end him and gnaws at the very threads of emotion that hold him together.  Battling an increasing addiction to Percocet Bucky, a Hazmat Officer, searches for clues to the past life of his sister Brandy and her involvement with a biker gang named the Vagos.

The story takes place in the Mojave Desert, a place Kurt Kamm seems very familiar with. As the plot twists Bucky heads into battle multiple times only to return to his home bruised and battered. With no one to talk to except a detective named Mike and his pet lizard named Zol Bucky sinks toward desperation with only his increasing dependence on Percocet to bolster him. On leave from his job and expecting to loose it Bucky pushes forward and suspects the Meth lab activities of the Vagos are some how tied to an egocentric Aerospace Engineer with a degree from MIT who makes drones for the USAF.

Kamm’s characterization is well thought out and the reader is quickly drawn into the challenges and torments his protagonist, Bucky Dawson, faces.  A villain named the Dwarf, who is the seven foot tall Sergeant at Arms of the Vagos gang, is a menacing challenge for Bucky’s clouded brain, and he and his brethren keep Bucky on his toes.

The book is well researched and Kamm has done his homework on biker gangs, methamphetamine, secret air force military bases, and drones.

The plotting is well thought out and the story reads quickly during its short 218 pages.

If you’re looking for a quick paced Thriller that will entertain and educate you Hazardous Material is the one.

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